HRMTEC Care packages are annual subscriptions from additional support services that go beyond the level of basic support and secure valuable discounts on our high-tech premium printing foils. HRMTEC Care packages offer technical support from experts and additional service options from HRMTEC.

Because HRMTEC develops the hardware, the operating system and applications, all components of HRMTEC products work together perfectly. And only with HRMTEC Care packages can you get service and support from HRMTEC experts, so most problems can be solved with one request. In addition, you benefit from corresponding discounts on the list price of high-tech premium printing foils.

The HRMTEC Care packages are only available to you in connection with the purchase of a “123 Schleifenprofi VX” embossing machine. The benefits of HRMTEC Care packages are separate from and in addition to the rights granted by consumer protection laws:

  • Technical support from a single source
  • Additional hardware service options from HRMTEC
  • Additional discounts on the list price of high-tech premium printing foils
  • Discounts on delivery, installation on site and training of your employees (optional)

The performance overview of the care packages in comparison shows the differences at a glance.